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On Call Transportation

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(816) 377-8036
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Kansas City, MO 64116
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On Call Transportation provides you with the Service you need when you need it.......Taxi...(We are there in a timely matter).We care if & when you get picked ^.....Medical Transportation........Some things are unexpected & unfortunate....We got ya there....Worker's Comp Friendly....Insurance Friendly....Who can you Count on? ...Emergency or Routine Doctor's Appt....Town Car & Limo Service for the Special Occasions or Just want 2 have a good time ....No worries No DuI......We even deal with the Major League Guys....Building a Company with Small Town Values....:)

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(816) 377-8036


Fast, Friendly, Personable


Alllllllll Areas of Transportation


All walks of Life.......:)

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Payment Methods

Cash , Mastercard , American Express , Debit Card , Personal Checks , All Other Major Credit Cards


Exceptional Customer Service

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Anybody that is Somebody

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Average Rating (5)


Well From My Opinion, I Think the driver is respectful and reasonable. They are very well Socializing most of the time, and knows where they are going. The drivers are well experienced drivers and has reasonable good price. I myself think carisa is a great driver not just best but an awesome driver, she is very talkative and knows how to handle business very well. When i first Thought about taking a taxi, i thought i wouldn't like it, like you know it wouldn't be comfortable just being in there, But carisa changed all that she knows how to make a customer feel welcomed. She knows how to connect with people. i might not know her much but i believe i can trust her. Thats All i Ahve To Say She Is Someone You Can Depend On If You Need To Get To A Place.


be here in a sec! i would love to say that carisa is one of the most reliable person you would ever meet, she mostly comes at the exact time you tell her too. she will be that one person u would love to have a conversation with in the car and that one person u would trust with anything. everything is great about her, she has great driving skills and a really nice car. it's always the right temp in her car, never to hot or never too cold... she plays the musik u want and she talks about waht u wanna talk about. good luck with everything, 5 stars


I honestly beg to differ about the last review written about carisa's on call transportation. This is all lie's you people should feel ashamed of your selves. Carisa is a very enjoyable person to talk to. She comforts your every need and understands what your telling her. None of the yea, sure, this and that crap. She means everything she does. She speaks out and reaches to her customers. Of all the cab drivers shes most dependable when you need her most. I have created a great bond with Carisa and her family over a year period. In this time she hasn't offered me a minor any alcohol, drug, or child pornography. I'm about 16 years of age and i can trust carisa with anything. Shes a great driver and a great mother to her kids. One that does offer there kids all that stuff isn't a good person. That is completely opposite about her. We have created such a strong bond that it just feels like i'm her own kid. Carisa taxi driver = best in my point of view. So why don't you guys hold of on that pipe and start realizing what terrible people you guys are to be saying all this NOT TRUE CRAP.

ariekimmyy. <3

People forget what you said, people forget what you did- but people will never forget how you made them feel. You're probably assuming that I'm going to go into this elaborate story about how she made me feel, right? & I'd be lying if I said no. However, let's start with this. I've forgotten things that people have said. No doubt about it, but things that Carisa says wins a place in your heart. Because it's genuine; she doesn't just spit out words. She truly means what she says to you. & you can simply feel the sincerity in what she says. & yeah, I've forgotten what people have done to me. But when the only things someone has done for you is love you with a passion, appreciate your presence, sacrifice time for you, & respect you- you can't help but think that this girl's amazing. & blatantly, that's just what Carisa has done for me and my two bestfriends. & it's true- Even now, I remember vividly how everyone has made me feel. But Shoot, if anyone has the capability to make me feel like what Carisa & her family has made me feel, I'd be lost for words. Let's rewind back to December, 28th, 2008. What were you doing? You probably can't even recall that far back. But this is the day that my two friends & I met Carisa. I'm fifteen, & my two other friends are seventeen & eighteen. We weren't only physically worn out, but we were stressing because we were worn out mentally & emotionally as well. We had no clue which taxi to take, what/how we were going to spend our money, & what we were going to do for a week. But the moment Carisa rolled on over to our hotel, & honked her horn for us to come out- I knew we called her for a reason. & I was right-she was our answer to everything. She didn't only open up to us & make us feel like her daughters. She didn't just have fly' music that we bumped up all the time. She didn't just make us feel right at home, even when our home's back in Washington. She didn't just cut us slack & helped us out. But she gave us her heart. Beauty gets attention, & personality gets the heart. & she got my attention and my heart. Straightup. We ended up calling her everyday- morning & night to pick us up. We ended up becoming mother-daughter type of deal. We ended up living at her house for three whole days. We ended up meeting her captivating, mesmerizing, and beautiful family. Oh, & we spent NewYears with her and her family. & although I wasn't back home doing the things I would have been doing- I would never ever trade this experience for my life. There's so much darkness in this world, but I still see beauty left in Carisa & her family. You'll never be able to forget Carisa, even if you wanted to. So, I guess it's safe to say that Arie, Angela, & Christine miss Carisa & her family with more than their whole hearts- & that they're flying down to Missouri one of these days, just for them ; ) P.S- Her name is CAR-is-a. She is THE car guys. So, hit her up- I promise you won't regret it. I love you Carisa<3 (:



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