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Calvert's Express Auto Service & Tire

2  Reviews

(816) 373-9995
13811 E US Highway 40
Independence, MO 64055-5861
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(816) 373-9995





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written: 0 Review
BEWARE! Do not trust these people with your car! I have been to multiple locations and have had problems with each of them. The smaller things include getting oil into my floor mats every time I'm there or leaving trash in my car, old parts in my car, etc. However, there is a lot more! I've NEVER had a correct diagnosis at Calvert's without having to go back two or three, or even four times, or I get sick of going back and have to go to another shop for a diagnosis, but they REFUSE to give me my money back. They left a two foot dent/scratch in the side of my car, as well as multiple nicks on the doors. I went to them in April of 2013 with a popping sound in my suspension. It was on the driver's side, but only around right hand turns. I had to repeat myself four times to the receptionist, but she did eventually write it correctly on the paper. The mechanic, however, did not even read it. After having waited for four hours, he came out to tell me that it was my control arm bushing on the right side. I corrected him, stating that the sound was on the left and that he was not to do anything to my car until he checks again and is 100% sure. So of course, soon enough, he came back out and told me he was 100% sure the control arm bushings were the problem, and that both the left and right were damaged. So I told him to do it. Then once he finished, he test drove it and told me that the sound was gone. So I paid. $650. I was pulling out of the parking SPACE (not even the LOT, the SPACE), and I heard the popping sound I had described. On the left side, exactly like I had said. So I went to the manager, told him the problem, and he agreed to look at it again and fix the problem for free. It was the sway bar link bushing. Easy enough to fix. However, two months later, I went in for a routine oil change at another shop only to find out that they completely tore up my front axle when they removed the control arm to do those bushings, and then they tightened the sway bar link bushing so much that it split in three spots! I called the district manager, talked to him, and he refused to replace it. The stupidest mistake of all: I took my old car into them because something was leaking from it, and I couldn't figure out what it was. They got it up on the lift, then told me it was the head gasket, showed me the liquid dripping down from it. True, the liquid was coming down the head gasket, but it wasn't coming FROM the head gasket. The truth was that the head gasket was fine, as was the engine, and my POWER STEERING PUMP was leaking, and it just happened to be dripping down the head gasket. I'm not a mechanic, and I figured that one out when I realized it didn't smell like antifreeze. Don't waste your time. Their mechanics are not licensed, half of them are high, they smoke constantly (even in people's cars), they're unprofessional, rude, untrustworthy. Need I go on?
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written: 0 Review
My fianc� took her truck to Calverts auto express in Independence Missouri Where she had got four new tires And was having them installed on her truck. Should drop the truck off in the morning and return that afternoon to pick it up Where servicemember there I told her that the Caps in the center of her wheels were corroded and they had to break them to get them out. No phone call or notification of any sort to inform us that that's what they were going to do. The servicemember there said they would be happy to replace the caps for free with some of their own Which of course would not match The wheels Or we could purchase caps of our own and bring them in to be replaced free of charge. At this time I had called to inform them that we would be purchasing our own caps to bring in to be replaced. Before we could purchase new caps for the wheels we notice the new tires were not holding air I have my fianc� call back up and scheduled appointment to bring the truck in To find out why. She was told the second time that there was corrosion on the wheels itself that was causing the tires not the seal correctly And I had called them And ask them to rebuff the wheels and reinstall the tires and Check to make sure they sealed. The two rear tires sealed the two front tires did not Now I had my fianc� take her truck back up there a third time Where they explained to her that she would need new wheels to get the tires to seal correctly And again if we did they would fix this problem free of charge. We won out and purchase new wheels for the truck took the truck back in To the same location where they told her there is no way that they would've said they would They would fix it free of charge. Such a big problem over something so little I would recommend taking your business elsewhere.

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